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Constructions for the garden
































                                    Model 1: thatch cover.                                                                                 Model 2 without cover

                                    made in 2007                                                                                                made in 2008.


Buildings with a two sided roof with a slope of 50 °, open gable, half-timbering wall from 7 to 12 cm on the sides, made of chestnut. The hewing technique preserves the wood’s natural curves and  irregularities .

The delivered buildings are already assembled and shingled with chestnut or artisanal flat tiles. A thatched roofing is possible in Brittany.


    Registered design.



Other possibilities:


















Children’s play house 1,50 m x 1,50m Height = 2.30 m,                      Closed garden shed, shingled with artisanal flat tiles, half-timbering filled in with hemp concrete, doors made in raw chestnut wood.

                                    made in 2009.                                                                                                                        made in 2008.